Fostering creativity and innovation for youth in computer science. 


PCHACKERS is an organization that aims to foster computer science education for elementary school level students and equips them with the tools necessary for success in the field of computer science.  PCHACKERS aims to provide students with world-class computer science education, and a universal diverse network to expand their skillset and establish opportunities.

Company Goals

Since the organizations founding in mid-2017, we have hosted the PCHACK Day hackathon and plan to host one of the largest high-school led hackathons in Canada. PCHACKERS has also incubated the founding of APHEL TECH, a software company that solves major efficiency issues within the school. We are continuing to expand fast and have opened chapters in New York and New Jersey. We will be hosting classes in all of these cities and working to grow the company in the future. 

Our Pillars

The Building of Authentic Relationships inside and out of PCHackers is the foundation of how we operate. Functionality between our team members and our customers are vital to the success and authenticity towards the connection we make. Through this critical skill, unsheltered communication and webbed networks open opportunities for young avid creators.

The reason we started this entire program is to spread awareness and help young students empower their potential. Through our universal network, we plan to help students interested in computer science cultivate their vision, take viable risks, and change the perception of the world. The shared vision that we and our customers have is the fundamental inspiration that pushes us to make a difference in not only the computer science community but also the world.

Competition among people show true personality and work ethic. Here at PCHackers we believe this process creates and promotes the constant strive to achieve greatness which in return produces a better result. Friendly competition is essential in a positive learning environment and continues to push individuals to hone their computer science skills.

Communal trust is the belief in another person in order to benefit yourself. At PCHackers, we believe it is crucial to have this belief among every person, students and instructors alike. This characteristic is vital to keeping students engaged and learning. Trust is the only way to fully thrive in an environment that requires a team effort.

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