• Shrey Jain

Emily and Will

Will is a Graduate student Emily is a psychology major.

Emily previously took a C++ course in Highschool but did not think that it was very helpful and didn’t learn much. Due to that experience, ended up not purpsing compsci, but definitely sees the potential in it. However, she strongly believes that computer science and psychology have a deep connection that many don’t see. Emily additionally sees potential in hackathons but wouldn't; have gone to them due to her poor past experience with the C++ class. She stated that she would definitely sacrifice money for quality connections

Will thinks that we have high school students have leverage over other people as customers would be more generous towards them, ultimately being more willing to invest in a venture that promotes the growth of the computer science community. Emily and Will gave us a couple of informative and helpful tips. They told us to create a Linkedin for our venture and reach out to various prominent companies. We really appreciate their input on our venture!

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