• rohanbnyc

Kenny Botelho

Senior systems engineer at LinkedIn

He gave us extremely good insights and suggestions on different possibilities to expand our network. He expressed his view of our platform in one word, “proud.” In highschool, Kenny was all self-taught and didn’t have a viable curriculum for computer science at his school. Kenny specified that his involvement in the hackspace would be to achieve a personal and company goal of increasing the computer science education around the world. Additionally, he believed that another reason companies would invest in our venture would be to look for young recruits for internships. He mentioned an internship program that LinkedIn does and even mentioned that he mentores someone currently. Also, working at LinkedIn, Danny knew how important connection in this modern day are. One of the ways he came up with to find a group of hackers is to search up hack houses. Kenny used to be in the hack house, “Hack & Sleep”.

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